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Increasing employee engagement using Gamification

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Games have lots of benefits. It introduces goal, increases group interaction, generates feedback, induces problem-solving attitude, brings competition, helps in a narrative, and fun learning environment, the elements that can increase learner engagement and sustain motivation.

What is Gamification?

According to Wikipedia “Gamification is the technique that strives to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure.” The reason why games are encouraged in educational institutions is to build coherence among the students in any age group.

Gamification or Game based learning means a lot more than just playing games, as the technique and methodologies are applied in a corporate environment to achieve a specific goal by applying the methodology in training environment; in fact, in many cases, it does not require playing games at all. It can be referred to as solving real-life situations by applying the concept of game-design thinking.

The question is why Gamification as a way of corporate training instead of traditional classroom training?

The answer is very simple, games are way more engaging than a classroom lecture is. A game-based learning course includes instructions that move the user from one level to another by achieving different milestones which can be a simulation of real-life situations too, but without the fear of failing in actual life. This improves the overall connection between employer & employee as well as reduces employee apathy.

Any task with an incentive at the successful completion of it, increases employee engagement as well as helps them to remember the correct process since it becomes a hands-on experience within a controlled environment. The game scenario helps them to relate to real-life situations better and while performing the same, chances of occurring error reduces. This boosts the overall confidence to perform any task amongst the employees.

Benefits of Gamification in Employee Training

New learning experience - The employees can have “fun” while playing the game and still learn the way of better performance if the level of engagement is high. A good gamification strategy applied with a high degree of engagement can lead to a higher level of process retention & better recall of content.

Learning in a Controlled environment - Gamification in eLearning provides an effective, informal learning environment, and helps learners practice real-life situations and challenges in a safe environment where outcomes are not going to affect the real-life situations. This leads to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates better knowledge retention in a relaxed environment.

Instant feedback - As similar to games, game-based learning provides instant feedback so that learners know what they need to know or what are the areas that need further development. This facilitates better learner engagement and thereby better recall and retention.

Accelerating behavioral change - Points, badges, and leaderboards would surely make training awesome; in other words, rewards and pathway to a final goal keep the employees engaged. However, gamification has lot more influencing power than just those surface level benefits. It can drive strong behavioral changes, especially when combined with the scientific principles to obtain a specific outcome.

An array of application - Gamification learning methodology can be used to fulfill most learning needs of any organization such as induction and on-boarding process, product sales process, customer support, soft skills, awareness creation, and compliance.

Gamification for Organization

Gamification in its simplest form targets the basic human desire of achievement & recognition. If used as a learning tool, it can change the way of education as we know it today. Gamification inspires employee participation in tasks and better engagement with its experiential learning methods. Highly engaged employees working in a learner-centric environment leads to better productivity & higher profitability for an organization that employs Gamification as a tool of employee’s learning and development.

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